Please note that Press Badge Registration is only for traditional media. Twitch and other video service content creators should purchase general attendee badges.

Before you apply for Press Badge, please read the following guidelines to ensure you meet the requirements:

  • Employees of media outlets who do not work in an editorial capacity will not qualify for a Press Badge. This includes: Art Directors, District Managers, Graphic Designers, Publishers, Marketing Representatives, Public Relations Personnel, Sales Representatives, Senior Level Managerial staff, and citizens of Diamond City (with the exception of Piper Wright).
  • Press Registration contact names and emails will be made available to exhibitors. There is an option to opt out of being contacted.
  • Being a member of the press does not guarantee a Press Badge and each member of an outlet is subject for review.
  • A minimum of 3,000 Twitter followers for your outlet.
  • Filming is permitted at TwitchCon 2018 although exceptions may apply. Each member of a broadcast crew must register separately.

For general media inquiries:

Please fill in the requested information below and click Continue.